THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN put on hold due to the coronavirus. We hope  to be able to confirm by September.


Nov 11-13, 2020

Stan's workshop is not a traditional watercolor class - it's a

mixed media, watercolor, acrylic, gesso and mark making class.

Freedom in Watermedia Workshop

Nov 11-13, 2020

Wed-Fri: 9am-4pm


The Freedom in Watermedia Workshop is designed to help students paint intuitively, starting without preconceived notions or outcome.


There will be no preliminary planning or drawing. Process will dictate direction as students use a variety of techniques to implement color, texture, line, shape and value. Instruction will start with random mark making and color application, working transparent to opaque building layers using a variety of mark making tools, watercolor, gesso and acrylic.


Optionally, students may use collage techniques to further extend their library of design elements. 


There will be regular comments and evaluation of work in progress concerning relationships between elements and principles.


It is possible finished work may be representational, but the goal is to complete work which is compositionally pleasing and aligned with the artist's personal aesthetic.

"Intuitive painting is the act of making marks and spreading pigment on a surface until it conveys a personal aesthetic. There is no predetermined finish or elaborate pre-planning. These paintings are expressions of my life experience, everything which has touched and moved me along a path to the latest work. If the work fails to speak visually, no amount of esoteric rhetoric here will change it. It is a discipline which requires passion, devotion, focus and an undying spirit of pursuing something which will never be attained."

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and have lived in the area all my life, except four years in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University earning a degree in History and English Literature. My aunt, an artist and art instructor, was a huge influence when I had not yet started school. I have drawn and painted most all of my life, and live with the conviction "fear not". My paintings are represented in private, public and corporate collections, and I have shown in numerous local, national and international juried exhibitions  My work has been featured in American Artist Watercolor and Watercolor Artist. I teach workshops and share my process with many artist communities and organizations throughout the country.



Creative Catalyst Interview with Stan

TO REGISTER for Stan's 3-day watercolor workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan please pay the $100 deposit through the link below (refundable until September 1, 2020 less a $50 registration fee).

DO NOT purchase non-refundable flights prior to being notified the workshop has made up.

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THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN put on hold due to the coronavirus. We hope  to be able to confirm by September. If you would like to be added to stan's list, please contact us via the form below