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Debra and Ivano Zamperla
I hosted my first art workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2009 with an artist whose work I loved. My goal was to further my own artistic development and to help other artists pursue their growth. That one workshop grew into many and over the years I've met many wonderful instructors and students. 
"Artensity" came together in 2013 when my husband, Ivano, and I  were asked to take a group of artists to Italy with us to study and tour. It was then that I realized a grassroots business had been born. Ivano being native to Tuscany and my experience organizing workshops has allowed us to take a small group to Italy each year to explore and bask in the atmosphere of Italian culture, food, and art.
I love Italy - my story with my husband is tied to Florence as it's where we met! We love to share Florence with you and to also have you learn from some of the best artists I have met over the years. Ivano and I both paint, love art and Italy itself so it's with great delight that we take part in planning this painting experience for you.
I hope you can join us!
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