Lyn Asselta has harbored a lifelong fascination with the landscape. Her love of places that are untamed or overlooked has always been her muse. As we watch the landscapes around us change, the urgency to memorize them, to document them for safekeeping, becomes real. Lyn’s work endeavors to recognize these landscapes for what they are, not to make them “pretty”, but to show their strength and their character. 

Lyn grew up in Maine and spent the past 35 years in Florida. She recently discovered a small town in mid-coast Maine, bought a house with a studio overlooking a cove, and decided it was time to return to a place with granite ledges, crashing surf, and four seasons. 

"Art is a really personal thing and if you aren't able to put it out there in front of other people and be confident about it, then it's only going to be for you."       -Lyn Asselta


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