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Stan Miller still remembers when he was seven or eight visiting a family friend in Wisconsin who was a watercolor artist. It was one of many early calls he felt to the artist career path. As a junior high student, he thought his dream of becoming a professional artist was impossible, but a college watercolor course reignited his passion. Though he didn't start using watercolor in earnest until part way through college when he switched from a Physical Education major to a Commercial Art major, he still counts that experience as one of the most influential in his life.


By 1976, he was teaching workshops and making a living as a professional artist. Now he considers helping students develop their skills as enjoyable as painting and loves paying forward his own love of watercolor.

NEVER EVER GIVE up ON YOUr DREAMS! DREAM UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE and never let anyone tell you not to dream.  -Stan Miller


Stan Miller - ARTensity Talks
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