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Peggi Kroll Roberts has always been attracted to color and the subjects of daily life in her work. She began her art career in fashion and advertising design and illustration, both subjects that allowed her to play with the ways color and design inform our lives in everyday ways. When she moved to fine art, she discovered a love for abstraction.


The vibrancy of daily life continues to shine in Peggi’s work through her subject matter and style. Instead of traditional still lifes, she prefers to paint cosmetics collections or quotidian kitchen items like coffee cups and butter dishes. The bright colors of towels and sun umbrellas from days at the beach are immortalized in oil and gouache. Through her focus on color and movement, Peggi’s work helps us see beauty and energy in the day-to-day ordinary.

“Perseverence is the key to success. I don't think you have to be born with this magic talent. Every single one of us has an aptitude in one of the fundamental areas. Educate yourself and keep working”  –Peggi Kroll Roberts

INTERVIEW with Peggi Kroll Roberts

Peggi Kroll Roberts - ARTensity Art Talk
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