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Judith’s first teacher introduced her to portraiture when she was a child by having her study the exquisite drawings of Hans Holbein, and she is best-known for her portraiture and capturing character by attention to gesture.  However, she is not a “niche” artist, having a wide interest embracing many genres.  She has taught workshops in portraiture, drawing, pastel, anatomy for portrait artists, still life and plein air painting for several decades in North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia.  Her favorite medium is pastel for its beauty, convenience for travel, and flexibility as both a drawing and painting medium.  

“Photography is a  perfectly good tool. It’s like any other tool. It’s how and why and when you use it. A scalpel can be a dangerous instrument or it can be something that saves someone’s life. You need to be the boss – not the tool.”   

                                           -Judy Carducci

* INTERVIEW with Judith Carducci

Judith Carducci Artensity Talk
00:00 / 49:59

* This talk was following a workshop Judy taught in Ann Arbor in 2019. Sadly, Daniel Greene (who she mentions in this interview), passed away in 2020.

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