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Jason Arkles is an American sculptor living and working in Florence, Italy. His large-scale figurative work in bronze, marble, terracotta and wood can be found in public and private spaces, museums, cemeteries, and churches in Europe and America.

Trained in Italy in the studio of Charles H. Cecil (Florence), Studio Sem (Pietrasanta) and in a Pontifical Academy in Rome, Jason now runs a small teaching studio in Florence in addition to teaching numerous workshops throughout the world and being a sought-after lecturer on art history. 

Jason is the host of the popular podcast "The Sculptor's Funeral" dedicated to strengthening the ties between today's figurative sculptors and the sculptors of ages past - featuring art history, interviews, discussions on techniques and practices, tools and materials, and more. Check it out at the link below.

"My advice to artists? Don't listen to anybody. Play to your strengths and play to your interests"   -Jason arkles


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Sculpting the Figure in Clay

Ann Arbor July 13-16, 2020 

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