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Donna has been painting professionally for over twenty years and is as in love with watercolors now as she was on day one. She takes inspiration from the colors around her, as well as in the works of masters like Matisse, Vuillard and Diebenkorn. Her paintings use nontraditional watercolor techniques that emphasize the medium's ability to express color and spatial ideas, perfect for exploring the area between realism and abstraction.

A nationally recognized artist and teacher, Donna has been instructing art students since 1990. Her workshops cover the basics of watercolor as well as all-media inclusive courses on style development, abstract painting and more.

“Show up, paint for yourself only, paint without judgement, and detach from results”  –Donna Zagotta

INTERVIEW with Donna Zagotta

Donna ZagottaARTensity Art Talk

Interviewed by Jeannie Ballew 

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